Shooting Stars in the Sky

OK, I am asking the Weather Gods to open the sky, rid it of clouds for Saturday night anyways, so that I see the Perseid meteor shower which should be at the peak tomorrow. I have seen this meteor shower before, about three years ago, where I had estimated I seen up to two hundred meteors per hours then. The experts say we should see roughly one hundred in this one, but no one can really predict it.

I have the camera set up with the wide field, low powered 3.2inch reflector telescope for this event. I am going to try both video and stills as the shower moves through. I would love to post something that is half presentable….

[Update] Well, it is just me and the mosquitoes that are out, with me looking up at the sky while the mosquitoes try and have their feast. It is about 9:12 pm, twilight, and already I can see some small, faint streaks of light from the odd meteor hitting the atmosphere. So far I counted about 5 in the 15 minutes that I started observing, so that’s not bad so far. It is clearing up enough that I may take the camera out and start shooting….

[Update] I stayed outside looking up at the sky for another hour, till 11:30 pm, but the haze and clouds started to thicken up, so I called it quits and packed everything up.

The problem I have with the camera is that the telescope mount I made was good, but the vibrations from touching the scope lasted way too long before I could start shouting video. I need to look into using some stronger material for the mount, like aluminum or plastic, instead of wood. So, I did not shoot any streaking meteors, just some really good shots of vibrating haze instead.

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