Dust Bunnies with a View

Today is a mixed bag of stuff that is going on and around in my little corner of the universe. The hedge-row that separates my fence from the railway property is now 90 percent “trimmed,” to say it mildly. And , I also did some cleaning around in my computer room, and discovered that not even after three weeks since the last cleaning, the mass-dust-bunnies collection returned. Plus, my College is sending me way too much “junk-mail.” But the big “Harp & Whine” that I have is that today, Monday, was hot and sunny: this after a wretched weekend of cold and rain—boo!

I now have the $10, 000.00 view again to the Fraser River from my living room window. The brush that was growing “out of control” between the fence and the road that the railways company owns, is trimmed. It is really nice to see the river the and new housing development that is currently being built from across the railway tracks. I know that on the other side of the tracks, they, the property development company, are creating an berm with lots of trees on it so that the sound of the train will be somewhat muffled. So, in a couple of years, my view will disappear once again.

Looking North at Billy-Brown Road from my Window!

Dust Bunnies the size of quarters are hiding behind my pile of wire and power-bars that are connected to my computers. I just cleaned there three weeks ago, and thought that would do it until I do the final move once I purchased my new furniture for the room. It turns out that I should be cleaning back there once every week! Yikes, the bunnies add up from those colling fans….

Behind the Machine.... Dust Bunny Hell

I have a beef with my College. They are sending me way too much “junk mail,” and I’m getting fed up with it. Sure, it is nice that every once in while they send me reminders of registration dates and other important functions coming up, but Four letter in a week is getting a bit ridiculous in my books. Sure, I give them the benefit of the doubt. They are a large organization that has lots of little departments, and sometimes they don’t know what’s going on between them. But they are getting a little carried away with all of this snail mail piling up in my PO Box. I mean, lets all think environment and cost here boys? Send me an email like you always do! Come on–save a tree or two.

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