Another Blissful Day at the Fort.

It was another blissful day here in Fort Langley with people walking about enjoying the warm summer day, and constructions crews finishing off the major job of fixing and repairing the sidewalks and curbs, and the “all-of-a-sudden” explosion of beautiful women, dawning two piece swimsuits of every shape and colour, heading down to the beach to worship the Sun God. It is unfortunate that our three days of intents sunshine had to occur during the workdays of the week. I realize how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful community because the people here are great, especially when we are all enjoying these hot lazy days of summer.

The Stump along the shorline of the Fraser RIver--BedFord Cannel.

I took my shoes and socks off and walked along the shore, totally enjoying the feel of the sand between my toes. Kids were jumping off from the bridge into the cool river water, while others cheered along the shoreline with each jump. People were spread out on thier beach towels further back from the waters edge, absorbing the rays from the Sun, their bodies smeared with tanning oils and sand, some rolling over as if they were on a skewer inside a oven set to a timer. Oh what a day of summer.

Away from all the people, BedFord Cannel.

So the rumors of Women from British Columbia not wearing two piece bathing suites is totally not true! I saw with my own eyes many women freely enjoying the sun, wearing suites that I have only seen in such places like Brazil, California and France–extremely “skimpy” for what I thought is the average BC woman’s style, but nonetheless, making the scenery that much more beautiful for an already beautiful day. …and no, I did not take photographs of the women, as I did not want to disturb the natural, and rare vista of this special place. You guys….

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