The Sun God leaving! No….

Yup, it’s true, we are loosing our nice weather, as of tonight, and having it replaced with overcast greyness and showers, 60 percent chance throughout the rest of the week, till Sunday, according to the Weather-Office of Environment Canada. Oh how cruel it is as the Gods must be punishing us for whatever? I really want to head out for the weekend and do a road trip, or go camping, build a camp fire, roast some wieners over it, etc…, but, but in the rain–that’s not fare! Ho well….

Pulling to the Fort Langley Rowwing Clue's Dock.

Taken yesterday, a loan paddler pulls up to the Fort Langley Rowing Club’s dock after circling the McMillan Island.

Under Glover Road.

You can see how high the water was during the July Flood. The bridge that joins Glover Road, to McMillan Island, connecting to the Albion Ferry–looking South.

I’m going to miss the Sun this weekend. I hope the weather office is way off on their dire, dismal, gloomy prediction of rain. Well, there is one more holiday that must have lots of sun in it, and that’s the Labour Day, Sept 3 holiday. That’s the big one. I’m expecting lots of outdoor stuff to do then. So, if it means suffering through a couple of bad weekends, then so-be-it….

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