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If there is one “fact” that I have learned about politics, particularly civic politics, and that is, “I will believe it when I see it,” and seeing the new crosswalk at Church Street [Marry Avenue] and Glover Road being built is a long time coming. I have heard other locals complain, and even I have complained in writing once, about how the main street is not pedestrian friendly. The saga between merchants promoting more foot traffic to their locations versus where to park your vehicle once you arrive in Fort Langley has being an on going issue.

Glover Rd. and Church St.

Since I can remember, in all the time that I have lived here, foot traffic has always being prominent along the business area, especially during the tourist season. Many merchants compete for sidewalk space by placing coffee tables outside of their establishments, obviously expanding the footprint of their business. Sandwich boards sit straddled along the sidewalk in font shops advertising and luring people to come inside. Objects such as potted plants sit strategically placed along the sidewalk edge, and power-pole cables that jut from the ground up to the pole with bright yellow and orange plastic collars, probably so that you can see “it” before you “cloths-line” yourself while walking, these seem to be everywhere. These sidewalks are very busy indeed.

Every fifteen minutes or so comes the real test of endurance for the Fort Langley pedestrian, and that is the Albion Ferry traffic rush-minute. Here, the pedestrian is faced with the steady stream of vehicles, that are not only eager to get through to their destination, but have little time to deal with traffic tie-ups after waiting a couple of sailing-waits in the line-up. Up until now we only have one controlled cross-walk, one semi-controlled crosswalk, and one uncontrolled crosswalk. And this is my opinion, guess which one I believe is safest to cross, or from which the motoring traffic seems to obey the “best”? Yes, two points if you choose: the uncontrolled crosswalk at Glover and 96th Avenue! I think the British Columbian motorist is inherently prone to running a red traffic light, or something…..? But I certainly feel safer at the uncontrolled crosswalk.

The finished curb and sidewalk looking North on Glover Road.

The new upgrades to the sidewalks and traffic pattern is a welcomed sight. Sure, motorist will need to adapt, but they too are likely to walk the streets and would like to be safe too while doing so, so they should be happy too when driving through Fort Langley. Bravo to the new sidewalks!

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