Router Equals Brick

I’m still fighting with the router: the settings are all fine, everything checks out, good connections, good configuration, what the F#%@* is going on! I mean, I ran this thing through countless diagnostics, and even went on IRC to chat with some very kind person with lots of tolerance and understanding, but with all of his knowledge even he could not find out what was going on. So, I swallowed my pride and phoned Shaw Cable.

I grabbed my “super-sized” cup of coffee because I knew this was going to be a long wait. I really did not want to go through the waiting process of getting help from my ISP, but what can you do when you’ve exhausted every avenue–so this really was the last straw. But thankfully they did help me out, and with a quick change of a hack, the problem was fixed.

So, my gripe. Why couldn’t ShawCable put this critical piece of information on their website so that someone could easily find it through using their “Help” option? I mean–come on–this is stupid. It appears that when you run your machines in behind a router, the LAN, you need to use the “Long-Address” for your POP3 and SMTP send mail account so that it can be read past the AP in the WAN. Go figure, because for the last three years, using the same router, I only used the short name, and everything worked nicely.

So, if you are running Shaw, and you have your POP3/SMTP account running, and you decide to buy a router, then you must change your “shawmail” to “” in order to continue the service.

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