I Conquer the Router

Happiness is: having a happy, workable, functioning router that does not crash, nor have security like a sieve.

After four days of fighting with the router, I have achieved my goals:

  1. Access Point/ Splash Screen with Log on capabilities: wifidog.
  2. Non-Vendor-ware Software: ridding unsecured scrips that can’t be cleaned.
  3. Open Source, UNIX based Software: openWRT
  4. Flexible, “easy to use” UI, complement to openWRT: X-WRT
  5. Separating WIFI and switching points (Vlan/Olan/WAN) on virtual LANs.
  6. …and 128 bit encryption WEP enable. Can’t get it to run on the MS-VISTA Home Edition for some reason?
  7. Active logs: I can see you!

It took a while, plus several pots of coffee and some nasty cursing at the router, but I now have a firm understanding of how the router works and functions. The open software now gives me capabilities that I normally thought un-do-able in the past–such as setting power out-puts and radius settings–but now my router is a very useful tool, it can even be a web server/LAN. Then I noticed that all of these features were already on the Vendor-ware, but for a $mall fee you can them. Go figure eh?

Above and beyond all of the hard work I put into this, I’m very happy with the results. With hindsight being 20/20, Yeah, I could set one of these up in my sleep now. My next project will be bridging two or more routers to create a WIFI LAN with a single access point to the WAN–this should be a good challenge for me.

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