Tom vs The Money Changers

My wealth of knowledge of our land’s economic power and business is paying off, not in terms of dollars and cents, but in protecting the consumer from the middle man and the greedy pinchers that line up outside the wallets of the working poor, I fight back. Three weeks ago I had a major victory against the most evil of evils: the Cheque Cashing Outlet. And although I am very careful not to step on their toes, because they will sue, I walk on eggshells when doing battle against them within our Provincial Courts. I have learned that through their action, they attack with impunity and vigor, like mad men they deploy their legmen, one after the other, with legal instruments and phone calls at all hours of the day. To whiteness their scourge is disheartening if you have no experience in these matters. For the ignorant, there attack is the terror only seen in movies from Hollywood.

I came to the rescue of a friend who was among those being swallowed up by the dragon-leaches called the Money Changers. Like most honest people, being put in a position of poverty because of inflation caused by increasing real estate markets, and while trying to support a family, is an unsurmountable challenge. We all want good cloths, food and homes for our families, but the onset of low pay set against the increasing costs of living soon spells disaster for more and more people as they continue to struggle. That lure of going to the credit lending institution is too much of a drug for the average Joe not to pass up. The quick-fix money schemes drafted up by Payday Loans and Cheque-Cashing Companies is a billion dollar industry in my back yard. And Cashing a paycheque right away seems like a good service too? …or is it?

For my friend, his employer paid him his money in the form of a cheque issued as payment on demand, as he was the “holder in due course,” that was drawn from a Charted Bank, and his employer then afterwards bounce the cheque only after my friend cashed it a one of the cheque cashing institution in the Fraser Valley. This event quickly ensued a rush of phone calls the next day from the Cheque Chasing Company who insisted that he was on the hook, not only for the amount of the cheque, but also with service charges too that exceeded the amount of the cheque.

So, off to court we went…, and to make a long story short, and after counseling my friend, and doing some sole searching, we fought the hounds off with very little costs on our part. The Cheque Cashing Company slithered off with their tails between their legs, promising my friend that he will never be welcomed at any financial institution again, and the door shut. Of course, shortly afterwards, he received a letter in the mail selling credit cards at supper low interest rates, in which it promptly got thrown into the “round-file.”

I like this story because it changed my friend’s attitude towards how money works in Canada, and our Western Philosophy that makes us believe wealth equals happiness. For him, the sobering thought of going into debt for the “quick-money-fix” was a lesson well learned, and his credo of “no money, we don’t buy it,” packs a wallop in his throat. He has the support of his lovely wife who speaks often of their low-point, preaching the moral values of keeping their money safe and away from the Banks and Cheque Cashing leaches that are popping up record numbers along street corners. There is nothing wrong in using the Bank for the purposes of drawing your hard earned money from them, it’s just doing as little business as possible, and using their services sparingly, that is the prudent way to live now-a-days.

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