No Exception: No-Ads-Here!

I was approached last week by email by an advertising firm asking me if I would consider placing ads on this site. There was an enticement of money, and a small agreement, and the promise of attracting more hits. Well, regardless of my full out right disgust for ads, I spent a minute reading over the email, carefully piecing out what it is they were really selling; I mean, what was their catch, the way they will make money because I’m sure they will not do this for free.

Basically they give me some html scrip that I put on the index page, and they load it full of banners. There was no way of really seeing how my site would benefit by this method because I could not know how they would know just how much my site would increase with hits without knowing how to get into my Administration page and see my web statistics. The other sticking point was how I would get paid for the web-space they would take up. Remeber that they claim that I would get paid by “hits” on my web site, but how would I submit my “Hit Count” to them and how many hits would equal One Dollar?

This is an Ad-Free page, and I will keep it this way.

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