Happy, Yet Sad Day in our State of Justice Today

Today is a momentous , yet dark day in Canadian justice as the aquittal of Steven Truscott who was charged with the murder in the death of Lynne Harper 48 years ago, where he was the youngest Canadian ever put on death row, will now be a free man. When I was a freshmen criminologist, I remembered studying the case and wondered how the Crown could uphold their case against Mr. Truscott, with blunder after blunder, while evidence piled up around him proving that he was not the killer. With shawdy police work, eye whiteness testimony based on fabricated evidence, I wondered why a stay of preceding, or an out right acquittal was never done during the early stages of his conviction by the Crown? Watching the television program The Fifth Estate by the CBC, made me suspicious that with just a reporter, armed with a nose for searching out possibilities, came up with so much new evidence and documentation, while the Ontario Police had empty pockets to show for it, yet they stuck to their ever weakening list of evidence.

The scary “fact,” and I do mean “fact,” is that the wheels of justice turn slowly; 48 years later the wheel has come full circle for Mr. Truscott. My hat goes off to the present day Ontirio Governemnt, the Attorney general, and the Jurors who showed great strength in issuing the acquittal with the unanimous decision today. The flip-side to the case is that now the murder of Lynne Harper may very well be an Cold Case as almost 50 years have pasted. This must be a very sore wound to have reopen again for her family.

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