How silly is Silly?

I laughed when my friend told me of his ordeal, that still continues today, ever since his victory with the BC Labour board. Here’s an abbreviated update of what happened. Two years ago he was injured on the job by faulty equipment and no training. He was doing well at first after the injury, but then long term symptoms started popping like, sore back, pains in his legs and numbness from the knees down. His family doctor decided to issue light duties until he was satisfied that everything was medically good for him, and then he could to resume regular duties again. However, the “Quacks,” as my friend calls them from the “then WCB,” had him run through a series of tests, and they concluded that he was fit for regular duties as soon as possible. OK, fast forward a couple months.

My friend spent three months off from work, claiming disability. He fought against the Labour Broad, his employer and one-half of the medical board, until he needed surgery to correct his left knee–directly caused from the accident on the job.  When he went in for surgery, the “then” WBC, along with their “Quacks” issued a statement that there was nothing medically wrong with him. So, my friend hired a Lawyer to clean up the mess; something he should of done right from the very beginning. Anyway, the lawyer kick butt. My friend was awarded money for the time off from work; however, he decided that there was just too much bad blood spilt from the court battle and that it was better for him not to return to work, so he found better employment once he was healed up. So, now, he has some bumming-around-money on top of his paycheque….

Yesterday, a knonk on the door, and a man serves him a court order. His “X” girl-friend is now sueing him for rent because when he was working, they were together living in her parent’s basement apartment for free, in Langley City.  When he had his injury, they broke up, which added to his depression and long healing process. He told me that her father, who never liked him, claimed that when they had enough money, they were going to be charged rent. My friend told me that he heard nothing about that ever since they moved in, and even after, he thought was forgiven because of the tragedy. Sadly, because he now has money, it appears that he should cough-up some of it for his past. And strangely enough, I asked if he had any further contact with his X, and he said no?

I figured with that kind of family she would of gotten back together with him until his money was gone…, but that’s just me thinking. I told him that he should go on a trip to Europe and spend it all in one month–have the time of your life? What do you think?

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