Another Lost Soul Converted to LINUX

I just converted another lost soul from the world of the “pay-as-you-go” Window$ to the light side of the computing universe: Linux! I didn’t really need to sell the idea when I mentioned the GNU concept, or the evolution that LINUX has gone through in the last couple of years, it was the bottom line that sold it–and that line is “free.” So I proudly inserted the Ubuntu Live CD into her Optic Drive, and presto–she wanted it installed.

Funny, she likes the “Autumn” reds and browns, and it just happens that the default theme colours of Ubuntu is an Orangy-Brown–it was love at first sight.

Now the test of time will tell if she is really sold on the idea of free and open software. I promised her that I would help out if any problems should arise, and that I would assist her in learning and understanding some of the new “computer lingo” that she will run up against. But in all, there is really nothing that far off from the Window$ World compared to the LINUX universe.

So Yeah for the Open Source Community! Another sole has being saved!

NOTE: The person to whom I wrote about didn’t get it…. She thought I meant Soul instead of Sole. I was implying that she was changing from Window$ to Linux, as in a lost person finding her way:i.e, lost at sea and finding land….. She didn’t buy it. Oh well–I guess not everyone gets my puns?

2 Thoughts on “Another Lost Soul Converted to LINUX

  1. Tom – We are quibbling over nothing. Because I don’t think you know how ecstatic I am that you have so generously rescued me from Ludditesville. And I was so happy there. But I do want to learn and I fit the profile of an Ubuntu user because I absolutely embrace the doctrine of what Ubuntu is all about. I am so happy to have been educated on this and happy to be away from the whole Windows thing that I was rebelling against anyway. So, yes to all of the above, the philosophy, the colours (this is important, all about feng shui) and I haven’t even got to the part about how grateful I am to you Tom for helping me. You have just unleashed someone very powerful. Now that’s scary.
    Yay Tom. And thank you.
    P.S. Rootbeers! Huh. What a small token.

  2. Well, I happen to like Root Beer very much.

    You are a very intelligent person who appreciates new challenges and the willingness of exploring the world from different perspectives–not everyone is open to new ideas as you are. Take Linux and embrace its ideologies; remember the Ubuntu philosophy?

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