A Good Morning to Sit and Relax

A damn fine morning if you ask me. I got up, regrettably earlier than I wanted too, but it was worth it to see the sun rise and the fog clear as it warmed up. It inspired me to grab the camera and take some shots that represented the late summer colours.

Grass. :)

Also, I knew that today was going to be a cloudy, rainy day because I frequent the weather-website, so taking these photos would make feel better after the dull Grey day ends.

Rocks :)

The cool thing about summer mornings is how fast the transformation between when the sun firsts hit everything. I could see the dew disappearing from off of the spiderwebs and grass, and even the birds changed their pitch and songs when the Sun shined over everything.

Sky :)

So, here we are, the last long weekend of the summer, and the last blast of summer for the whole year. Well, I must get out and enjoy what is left. Sad really, to see it end….. *sniff* *sniff*

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