What a Weekend: Summer is Over :(

After hours of resurrecting an old Pentium III 535 Mhz from its grave and breathing new life into it with healthier software, I now have another notch on my ruler of accomplishments. This was an learning experience for me indeed. Also, the task of helping the same friend launch her new website, her own personal weblog called www.dianeoutloud.ca, which should be running in the next day or so too. So busy, busy, busy….

Getting the older computer to perform under the LINUX operating system was a snap. As some of you may know, LINUX can work in the harshest of environments compared to window$, and MACs. However, the long standing issue with LINUX, like all other software, is getting certain pieces of hardware to run flawlessly with it. In this case it was the wireless PCI card that got the better of me. The first card that was given to me was functional, but it lacked the proper vendor-ware and specks needed to operate under LINUX. In fact, as I was combing the net for information about the PCI card, hoping to create an hack for it, it appeared that the PCI Card had issues with other types of Chip-Sets along with not performing 100% Window$ Vi$ta, and Window$ XP. When a new wireless card was purchased and inserted into the tower, a Linksys card [WDA-1320 for $39.99], it fired up almost immediately and started to work. This just shows that some vendors should be “more open” about making their hardware drivers available to the Open-Sourse community because they just lost a sale, and now have a black mark against them on the LINUX websites.

Also, my efforts were pointed in preparing and organizing the Internet for another weblog to be launched with in the week. I get so excited about setting up new websites, and this will be just as exciting as it was when I first started mine up. Of course having several sites successfully launched, I always jump at the opportunity of trying new and cutting edge things. The Domain name was chosen, and the ISP was given the green light, so now my friend has an awesome web server with huge bandwidth for her to enjoy her internet cyber playground with. So, it had being a long weekend, but a good one, with a good list of accomplishments to show for it!

HUmmmm, Time for bed because school comes early….. eeeeeekkkkkkkkk…..

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