The Second Day After Classes: phew

It was an interesting day yesterday, my first day of the fall semester, and it was nothing like what I had imagined. I was a half hour late, so talk about starting off on the wrong foot, but then sitting in a room with eight other students, being so late I had no where to hide. So, small class, the next shock was finding out that the class was four hours long, and I thought it was a typo on the schedule. However, after the initial shock(s), I was delighted with the whole curriculum. So, what are we learning?

This course is based around communication and restorative justice. I am experienced with most of these methods because I have done most of the exercises from my time volunteering in Correction Canada, the prison system, but I was delighted to find that we will be covering several new methods and techniques. With such a small class, the bonding and team collaboration takes on a totally different meaning.

Because Monday was the holiday, I guess I will find out what the French course will be all about. Sadly, I need a language credit to graduate, and French is required. I don’t have anything against the French people, it is just that I have such a hard enough time with English, that taking on an new language could a bit advantageous for me.

Oh, my textbook bill hit the $400.00 mark! That’s almost another course!

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