Oh-No: The First Leaf

I knew it was going to happen, but I was really hoping that I wouldn’t see this until the end of September, so what can you do but celebrate it? Yes, the summer, according to the signs of nature, is over even though we still have a couple of weeks officially, but this summer was cool compared to the last few years.

The Bad Leaf......

I can see the odd tree is dawning the fall colours, but they represent only a very small fraction so far, but they do stick out. Most of the trees that are in change appear near the roads, so I wonder if pollution or global warming is causing just these trees changing first. But I have no scientific proof of this, just my opinion.

Reflecting on summer, I have compiled a list of things that remind of this time of the year.

Things I’ll Miss About Summer

  • Having the Sun rise before I getup.
  • Sleeping with the window open all night and have the cool summer air blowing over my bed.
  • Shorts, T-shirts and bathing suits (especially those worn by women).
  • Sounds of the Crickets chirping.
  • The smell of smoke from campfires from the camp ground.
  • BBQ late at night, cooking hot dogs and toasting the buns on the grill.
  • Patio lights.
  • No snow.
  • Garden fresh peas and cucumbers.
  • Sipping coffee at the sidewalk cafe’.
  • Driving with the windows down.
  • Being able to read a good book outside up until 10:00pm in my favorite patio chair.
  • The smell of fresh cut grass after mowing the lawn.
  • Root-Beer Ice cream on a hot afternoon.

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