So? LIfe? In a Bottle of Root-Beer

I have spent most of today reading, as per the rules of homework, and performing some IT work for a friend for whom is in the final process of having her very own weblog–soon, really soon, if the server and DNS people get their acts together. So, I’m now sitting back, a glass of cold Root-Beer and the happy satisfaction that I had accomplished as much as humanly possible.

Reading for homework is an interesting concept for me. I know that eventually random questions will be asked from me in the form of an exam by the instructor, testing my ability to regurgitate my memory retention onto paper. I often thought about how that would help me in the real world because I would never dream of self-imposing an exam on myself. I mean-really? I would know all the answers because I would dictate the questions. So, to what purpose does this regurgitation precess serve? To prove to the professor that I can memorized all the words from the textbooks that he gave me, or to prove that I have read the required texts in the first place perhaps? I often thought of the “read, test, read” process as a little too costly because if I did not want to retain the information, then so be it. But the “reward-grading” factor, giving grades for achievement, sets into motion a false sense of gratitude because depending on how recent I have read the information, time would play a key role in how well I would do during the exam. And then, would I still retain the information afterwards, long after the course was completed?

Perhaps the answer lays in Root-Beer. It is an none-alcoholic beverage that stimulates the tongue, bubbles as you drink it, and has a wonderful bouquet. When I drink Root-Beer, I remember all the words that I have read, and then when I have finished the bottle, the words are gone. Perhaps there is a metaphor between the bottle of Root-Beer and the dreaded exam? Just maybe my pursuit of the pleasure seeking stimuli is more powerful than I ever thought? I should perform an experiment: Root-Beer during an exam, just after reading a text once, to see if my grading performance will have increased?

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