Sand Between My Toes

There is nothing like the feeling of sand, warmed by the Sun, squeezing between my toes while walking down the beach on a warm summers day by the river. I thought I would walk down to the bridge that connects Fort Langley to the Albion Ferry, and spend some quality time there before the warmness of summer cools, the daylight shrinks and my personal time changes for the next six months. Once at the beach, underneath the bridge, I took off my shoes and socks and walked the length of the campsite before I tuned back. I walked slowly to capture every ray of Sun light, every grain of sand and every breeze that lifted off from the water. The Sun beamed down carrying heat and blinding light with it, lighting my skin up like a neon sign. The water is cold and blue, so much so that going in for a dip in it is out of the question, but walking was all I wanted to do anyways.

Getting back to the bridge and sitting down to put my socks and shoes on makes me think that this is the sad realization that summer is over.  I feel so happy that I took the time to this, yet so sad that I will miss this experience for the next three seasons, or until next year anyways. I watched the jet ski boats zip by me speeding through the water, and people throwing Frisbees, running over top of their beach towels, and this to me is the perfect image that I want to end the day, the weekend and the summer with–sand between my toes. Silly eh?

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