The Learning Curve IV

The second week of classes, except for French, has now finished, and loads of homework sit in a nice neat pile in front of me.  I want to read more, but we were told not to read beyond what the course outline dictates because it would distract  us from the overall meaning of the lessons, but I cannot help it, I have read way beyond the assigned chapters. The main course I am talking right now is a third year Criminology class that focuses on communication and restorative justice. Primarily, the course material centres around mediation and positive speaking in the general sense. The goal of the course it to instill the knowledge of conflict resolution skills that can be used in everyday practical situations such as teaching, human relations, enforcement, parenting, etc…. For myself, I see this as a very useful tool for working as an advocate with in the Criminal Justice System, my current goal and direction.

Because last Monday was  a holiday, this is the first week of French classes. In one word to describe the class: Wow! There is a definite Wow-Factor here.  A new language in thirteen weeks? Yikes! So, I sat with bathed breath as the instructor spoke in his native language, French, and instructed us to follow his lead by repeating his phrases, one after the other. The first lesson was to say the French alphabet, and who knew it was so different even though the language uses the same exact letters as English? The French pronunciation for the letter “y” still gives me trouble. This course will be the interesting one out of the rest because I am sadly monolingual. Is there hope?

It feels good to be back in the classroom again. I miss it. The break was good, but there was way too much empty space where you can only do the “sleeping-in” routine so many times before you get bored from it. I guess I like the challenge that learning brings to my life [brain] and self worth.  Yawn….. Time for a night cap—Root Beer—-before I head for bed.

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