Ooohh, It’s Friday: Smile!

Yes, yes, yes, it is Friday. I am tired. I never realized how much running around I did this last week until I finally sat down just a few minutes ago and starting thinking about it. But then again, I probably just tricked myself into thinking I was tired, yet really I am just resting from the mad dash around town getting stuff done and out of the way? So much to do now that I’m in classes, my job is picking up pace and preparations for winter are now being made. I just found out that my house insurance had gone up; another reminder that the rate of inflation, the true index, not the phony one issued by the Government of Canada, or the Central Bank, but the cost compared to my income level that I calculate based on my yearly income. Now I know why I am so tiered:$$$$$$$$$?

Anyway, my friend’s webblog is up and running: So, pay her a visit and say “hi.” She will be typing away on it once she settles in within the next week or so now that she is staying with her family down in the State of Texas for the next few weeks until she returns to Fort Langley, BC. I am looking forward to reading what she has to say. It could very interesting…. Oh, and read her first “post.” It took 14 day to get it up and running! Ya—I kid-you-not: 14 days!

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