The Clouds Have Moved In

When I awoke from my slumber, it was to the sounds of pitter-patter of very small rain drops hitting my roof was what got me up and broke my peace. The rain was only like a mist, nothing like a full down-pour or constant wash of atmospheric snot, but it danced without rhythm and had no meter that I could keep time with, but very light to nothing at all. It is fully overcast, looking out my window, which is in stark contrast to the last week-and-a-half wonderful sun. More trees are now showing the orange-brown colours of the approaching change in season. And the air is cooler too. I must remind you that we had very “summer” like weather, and I was getting used to it, so change is tough when waking up to the cold and wet.

Time for breakfast.

Breakfast over. Now the day really starts. Oh, laundry, the laundry mat is open and hardly anyone is in there: “yes.” Funny, I seem to go through more cloths when it is warm and nice than when it is cool and wet? Must be the smell-factor, or something like that. You know, sweating all day, then getting home and the house is all warm, and you really don’t get a chance to cool down, and you develop a “a customization” to the smell. You know you smell from sweat, so, you hit the shower, throwing the entire wardrobe into the laundry bin. When it is really hot, I find I do the cloths change thing twice, doubling the laundry load for the week. Kinda like using more water when the drought conditions are taking place, eh? Does staying clean mean that that is bad for the environment too? Huh….

Time for some homework: Major exam in two weeks! Already!!!!!

The Way Cool Pencil I use

So what does my cool pencil have to say about all of this? Well, his/her hairdo does not look like this anymore. With the change in humidity, the feathers-like hair have wilted, and it looks like it is in real bad shape. So even the pencil is not too terribly happy about the change in weather. So if the pencil is not happy about it, than neither am I!

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