Classes: Brain Hurts

Since Monday I have being completely wrapped up in classes, not to mention squeaking in my hourly work days too, and trying to stay on top of everything, getting everything completed and learned. I think I found my limit on how far I can push myself with this new scheduling I have? Monday, which was French class, I found that I did not read far enough into the textbook, only to be faced with being put on the spot as the instructor spewed out questions to the class in French, and then asking me to respond as I was randomly chosen more than once. If he could not read my red-embarrassed face, I think he got the message through my extremely weak replies–in French. I feel bad now because I am behind in that class. I was hoping to keep up to date and on top of all the lessons, and then concentrate on perfecting the grammar/written portion of the class, but I think now, just doing the verbal requirements is as far as I can go….

The other blunder came from my Criminology class on Tuesday, which part of the course requirement is to keep a journal. However, the definition of “journal” is somewhat misleading because in my opinion what the professor really wants is a “work-book.” The reason for this is, not only are we to record our experiences about some of the class activities, but we are also required to answer questions and explain processes from some of the class activities in a very specific way. This increases the class workload by two-fold because this creates a writing marathon on top of capturing the specific exercises that we experience. I know for most people having a class that runs like this will never occur, but the rationale for it being structured like this is, we are to dig as deep as we can go, and in turn take these experiences with us as we go out in the real world to use them. I am sure I will do well in the class, but adding more time to complete the requirements is bitting into time I do not have. Already I am burning the midnight oil as I try and complete each assignment. I am just glad the real-world is not like this–I hope?

The great part of today is, we are bathing in sunshine! I am so happy that the clouds moved out of the way to brighten the place up. Yesterday I drove through massive Hail-storm that cause everyone on the road to stop because no one could see anything. It came down so hard that there was no visibility, and the sound was loud as the hail stones pounded on top of my vehicle. When it was over, only lasting five minutes, it looked like it had snowed out as everything was covered in white. So having this Sunny day helped with my personal moral.

Anyway, I am going back to reading and maybe do a French exercise, or two out of the textbook. I am already looking at it as: ” there is only ten weeks left…” Sad eh? I should be happy about it? But I am meeting some very nice people from my classes.

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