Tragic Traffic Chaos: Top Ten List

With the new semester well underway doubling the time I spend driving now, the cause and effect of Two Hundred Thousand people driving on roads built for One Hundred Thousand people now deserves a spot on my weblog. Every time I need to drive to classes, I dread getting there because I need to commute through Langley City to get to Surrey. Sure there is transit, but the poor quality of the British Columbian Transit Service means taking and using it would require me spending the whole day in Surrey because of scheduling, so my reliance on the car is fixed due to work, unless British Columbia could somehow create a transit system like in Toronto Ontario or London England. So I am one of the thousands who create the chaos of clogged roads, and parking lot hunting trips.

So here is my Tragic Traffic Chaos: Top Ten List:

  1. Switching lanes, then signaling once you’ve crossed the dotted line. Can’t say you didn’t try, though a little warning would be nice?
  2. Running the red light, “gunning it” as the light changes from amber.
  3. The rolling stop. Stop Signs have no meaning anymore in BC.
  4. Unadjusted headlights. Who cares if the on-coming traffic can’t see because your headlights are permanently fixed in the “high-beam” position?
  5. Tail-Gating. I have being rear-ended four times since I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland (Langley City).
  6. Flicking cigarettes butts out from your window. I’ve had a few fly right into my open window.
  7. Yelling at the car ahead of you because you disagree with their positioning at the crosswalk: while pedestrians are crossing.
  8. Smoking, applying lipstick, combing hair and talking on the cellphones while driving through four lanes of traffic. Nice to know that you are at least giving 10 percent of your attention to driving?????
  9. Not letting the traffic merge in your lane, especially when the sign says “Merge.” Such a simple request….
  10. Driving along the shoulder of the road (over the fog-line) so that you can make your right hand turn a mile up the road as traffic sits in grid-lock. These people deserve medals!

If you would like to add more, please, feel free to comment. I look forward in hearing more Tragic Traffic Chaos points from other people, and I may add them here also.

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