The Altruistic Thespians, Exam Fatigue & The GIMP

Yes I know, the title may be a little over the top for the average reader, but I really want to tell it like it is. The first part of the title, “The Altruistic Thespians´┐Ż” is what we, my group from my Criminology/Communication class, called ourselves. In this class we are to create an conversation where we are to negotiate, a staged negotiation, where two of us are negotiating, and one person being a negotiator. The idea is to learn conflict skills. The second part of the tittle, “Exam Fatigue,” is because I just went through the midterm session of the semester, one of three. Yesterday I just finished my CRIM3307 exam, which was more or less, just a cursory exam because the majority of the class centers around group/project work. Before that it was the dreaded French exam which was nothing like what my friends who previously took it said it would be like. My so called friends told me that the first set of exams are more or less multiple guess. This exam I just took was part oral, part spelling and answer questions–no multiple guess! That was huge. It is way beyond me…

Made with the GIMP using a default script.

I took some time this morning to play with some of the new updates for Ubuntu, Linux. I am really blown away by what the GIMP has to offer. The GIMP, Graphics Image Manipulation Program, is open source, free and very user friendly. The GIMP has gone along way since I first used it. In fact, my first experience with it was using only a command-line interface and Shell Scrips! I know, some of you are probably to young or brought up on Window$ to know this stuff. It’s like me saying, “when I went to school, we walked 40 miles, in 40 below weather, up hills both directions….” you get the picture. The GIMP has gone a long way since then. In just about every LINUX package the GIMP is present as the main staple for graphics and photo tools. A friend of mine once asked me how much it is, and when I told him is was open source, he declined because his impression of “free software” came from a Window$ background when everything free for Microsoft has viruses and Spam embedded in it. My poor friend has being brain-washed so bad that he believes: “unless you pay for it, it is a security risk.” Oh if my desk-top to talk to him…. I challenged him to take part in an risk assessment of security and usability, but he declined. Hey, if people insist on paying for it, then great, don’t come to me when it fails, and the company that you bought from charges you through the nose to fix it–or has gone bankrupted. The GIMP rules: its free, and you can use on Window$, Mac$ and LINUX.

Using InkScape

And… I was also working on an Halloween Logo for my header, shown at the top of this page, and decided to use InkScape, another free open-source program that can be used by just about any operating system including Window$. Inkscape is a vector based drawing/graphic program. What this means is, you can create an image, and because it is composed of just math, i.e., no real images is formed until you export it, you can resize, move and add to it without loosing any quality of the image–although the file does get quite large if you use a lot of detail. Another words, the graphic always stays sharp and clear until you convert it to an image file. Very cool to have if you like creating graphics and logos!

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