Thanks Giving Weekend Slumber

I woke up from working the last four days in a row, so I’m a little groggy right now. I woke up to a fairly quiet morning, not surprisingly due to the weekend, but I noticed that most of my neighbors are gone: their cars are gone, and their lights are off and the morning paper lays on the walkway. I learned that they went off to work! So it appears that am I the only who is home sleeping in, and ready to enjoy the day with a full nights sleep? This begs the question as to what happened to taking time off, the Statutory Holiday? I remember when the Canadian Thanks Giving Holiday was not a holiday as we see it today, and most people whom I knew had to work through it with regular pay. So the question of why people would choose to work through a Stat. Holiday takes away from the whole concept of taking time off.

I know Thanks Giving represents the early days of the 19th century when we lived closer to the land, and the agriculture lifestyle was a way of life rather than a force placed upon us by nature. It would make sense as a non-religious celebration for the population to reflect those days, but as we progress into the 21st century the closeness of those day of living off from the land is lost, and we might as well throw it way and abandon it altogether because we can have apples and oranges all year around now.

Is this a reflection of our neo-society, the post modernism that seems to be pulling us back beyond the days when people could not take time from their work “farming” because they would starve or loose the battle of survival. This devolution today seems to be more a cry of a desperate society than the changing pace of the working class in my opinion. What I mean is, people now need to work longer hours to keep pace with higher prices, inflation, and the culture of achieving the desired lifestyle: owning a home, having two cars, etc…. Oh, this is just not relevant to one side of the working-class peoples, the poor business owner had being in this cycles long before I noticed this phenomenon.

Perhaps we are moving towards a day when holidays are just blips on a calendar and they are meaningless. Maybe the children of Canada will vote in an government that will abolish the Stat. Holiday? Maybe taking days off from the regular workweek will go the way of the Dodo Bird, as people start working on demand?

Oh well, I’m taking the day off, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it! Happy Thank Giving everyone. ….and yes, I’m eating Turkey today with stuffing and cranberries!


I just came back from Aldergrove, a town about 12 km South East of Fort Langley, where I crossed Hwy#1 using the 232nd overpass. What I saw moved me because it made the Long Weekend woes really stick in the back of my mind as one of the side-effects of the motoring traffic is the West bound traffic moving at a crawl as everyone returns back to the city from their weekend trips. I remember seeing the Friday traffic leaving, heading East bound, as to how slowly that traffic was moving. I guess I really miss the chaos a lot when I choose to stay home? Maybe I just lived a year longer by not stressing myself out sitting in traffic. Just imagine if you have a cranky spouse and three very tired children–and you need to get up for work tomorrow, leaving at 5:00am! Glad that’s not me! yikes….

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