When The Business Owner Starts to Learn

OK, I have to jump on this one because I believe in the old adage of: “What goes around, comes around!” Two years a business, a store front establishment here in the community, told me that I was not welcomed. I was not welcomed because I made life to difficult for the store owner who insisted that I never use Dollar Bills with a denomination of Fifty or higher when purchasing items from the store. One day I had a Fifty dollar bill from which I needed some personal items, items that normally I would go to a big box store and get them, but I was running late and ran out of time, so the convenience store was my last resort. The store owner told me to leave the itmes on the counter and get out of the store. So I took that literally, and I never came back.

I guess times are getting tough for the poor store owner because he has had “sale & discount” signs and “help wanted” posters up for the last couple of months, and I have seen very little traffic going in and out of his store.

Today, I was heading into the Post Office to see what bills await me in my little snail-mail-box of goodness. As I walked into the repository, I saw the Store Owner talking to another fellow, and the conversation looked quite deep and full of emotions. So, as I unloaded all the “junk-mail” from the little box, I over heard the mid-point of the Store Owner’s diatribe. Sadly, yet delightfully, I heard him say that business was very bad for him. I thought to myself, “Gee, I wonder Why!” I sifted through my papers, dumping the ads and coupons into the recycling box, and he saw me, and then stopped talking. I can only guess that recognized me from the wintery day almost two years ago when he told me to leave his store with my money.

Maybe I’m just imagining this, or giving myself too much credit, but I really believe that what goes around, comes around. I mean, I see the store owners’ point of view, the possibilities of receiving counterfeit money, but he really needs to understand that the likelihood of a local resident passing off a counterfeit dollar bills is highly remote, and then to force a costumer out of his store, passing up an sale, well, is just stupid in my opinion.

Will I give in and go to his store? Not! Because what comes around, goes around when you treat people in a bad way. I am the consumer.

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