Lost at so Many Levels

This is the end of the work week for me. I now have the next three days to myself, something I have looked forward to for the last four days. Last week was the first round of mid-terms at the college, and I now have the results for each of my classes from that time. I have developed a rash on certain parts of my body, my face, my left leg, my left elbow and a small part of my neck. My first challenge was to find a “quack” to solve what it is I have, then deal with it because it looks gross, especially on my face.

I now have all the grades from my classes for the midterms I did last week. Both of my CRIM classes I sailed through them with a 91%, and 89% (U of FV) respectively as my achievement; however, French was not even close as I only made a grade of 44%, an obvious fail for the first of three exams for the term. I don’t know what happened with my French class. I don’t know why I’m having so much difficulty with that subject? Some of the questions that I got wrong were not due to not knowing the language, but rather me not reading the questions carefully. For example, one question was:”Zéro, __, deux, __, quatre, __ .” So, I read it as “what are these numbers?” However, what the instructor wanted was, I needed to fill in the missing numbers in the sequence, spelling out each number! So, I could have done a lot better if I had really focused on the questions rather than looking at the “Subject Matter,” which was what I thought was the sole purpose of being there? Hey, I really have a psychological issue with this class because I can read the textbook, and understand it, but doing oral dictation, forget it, I freeze up and want to go and hide behind my desk.

I have this rash. Yuck, sounds gross doesn’t it! But sadly I do. It started on Saturday. I noticed it when I woke up and looked in the mirror. My eyes were all puffy and my skin was a “glowing red.” Then I noticed little patches on other areas of my body. That afternoon I went over to the local clinic because I wanted to know what the hell I have! So, Saturday afternoon I get to the clinic and the front desk told me that there would be a four hour wait! I could get a queue number and come back. I agreed, and went home. Later that day, four hours after the first visit, I was turned away again because new patients showed up that had appointments before hand and the clinic doctor (Quack) needed to see them. So I went home. Again I tried the next day, and again the line up was over four hours long, and again I went home. So I am pissed off at this sorry excuse of a medical system. I went out to Abbottsford and went to a clinic there that was more rural than Langley City’s clinics, and I had success right away. The doctor there was more accommodating, and he has a way better understanding of dealing with people who are in pain and who are living in a world of uncertainties. I wrote about this before here on my Blog. So, that rash appears to be from mold. I have being doing work [at a friend’s place] in a moldy environment, and every time I go into this building, I cough, and I start to itch! Yuck!

4 Thoughts on “Lost at so Many Levels

  1. Are they itchy red bumps on arms, legs, palms etc..? I used to get those around exams when I went to university. They were “stress” hives and all I needed was some calomine lotion to clear it up.

  2. He he, probably both the Mold and Classes!

    Did you get it on your face too?

  3. argh
    sorry about your rash!

  4. Nope, not on my face but I did get it on the palms of my hands which is a really weird place to get itchy bumps (also arms & legs). A couple years ago a friend of mine went back to university and had the same thing around exam times. The calomine lotion really works.

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