Reflections of a Wild Week

With one midterm completed, one paper handed in, and still one more to go, I managed to have a few minutes to sit down and catch up on my thoughts. With Root-Beer to drink and the warm glow of the LCD monitor as my guiding light, I’m ready. OK, I’m ready….. No really, I’m ready: Que the bolt of lighting….. hello, is this thing on…? Hummm, no thoughts of inspiration?

OK, with one midterm completed, one paper handed in, and still one more to go, I have managed to find some time to type out my feelings and thoughts from the last five days. I have the Root-Beer, the glowing LCD monitor as the only source of light, and I’m streaming in a live music station from off of the web that plays uninterrupted New Age music, music that is very soothing for the moment. I have some thoughts, reflective thoughts of what has gone by this last week for me. Thoughts about things that have left me tired, stressed, and sometimes frustrated, but nothing that I have not dealt with before. As you have probably guessed, I’m a college student. What this means is, with taking on a full course load, time becomes the enemy. Every aspect of your life revolves around classes, assignments and deadlines. On top of all this, you are learning throughout the whole process. Yes, learning…. That concept that you are introduced to an idea for the first time, and it is taught and explained to you, and in the end, you are to master it. Learning, the stuff of an advanced society. Well, then there is the finer details of life as a student, and I mean money.

For some, student loans are the norm. For others, they have parents and relatives who have invested by prepaying for their children’s education. Lastly, you have people who either work during, or before, saving, taking scholarships, and other moneys that may come their way. So the life of a student is a humble one no matter which way you look at–I’m not joking–it’s humbling. You see, on top of stress, you also need to take control of yourself. People often see me as someone who is free, full of free time, able to help people and live a care free life; the sad truth is, it may look like that, but it isn’t so. They only see me during the in-between periods, times when I’m at home reading, typing or sleeping. If only they could actually see what it is I am doing during the one-third part of my day during classes and meetings, I am sure they would see the truth of my existence. The cost of learning is high.

My rash has almost cleared up. I am so happy now because It really bothered me to have people ask me “what happened to your face….that looks painful….” Its weird because I couldn’t see the rash, except when I looked into the mirror, so seeing the looks on people’s faces when they looked at me, well, was terrifying in some cases. One person asked why I would show up for classes with such a rash on my face. I responded by saying that it really didn’t bother me? I guess they figured because of the public attitude of looking like a leper, one should hide from the masses, like the Elephant Man. I never once changed my daily routine because of it. If you don’t like the way I look, then look the other way. I will not become a social outcast because of a little rash on my face! You deal with it!


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