Learning the Second Language

I’d admit it, I thought it would be cool, wonderful, useful to learn a second language, and I knew it would be a lot of hard work and a huge amount of time to succeed in it, but I wanted to do it. So I signed up for French classes as part of my degree program and figured it will do more good than anything else? But, there’s an old saying that goes something like this: “You get what you put into it.” So if I put in as much time as could afford to into it, then I should do alright? But as I soon figured out, time is not my only enemy. My age seems to be a factor in the shebang. The older you get, the willingness of your brain to master another language become ten fold harder to achieve. Another words, the old sponge doesn’t soak up the knowledge like it used to…. But I keep on trying.

My score in the class is not impressive. I made a promise to myself that I would continue with this class until the end, then retake it again next term. My number one concern is, I seem to be the only in the class with no French background, so the pace in which the class runs at is way too fast for me. My other problem is, I have no one to practice it on with. It seems kind of pointless learning how to speak French when you have no one there to correct your mistakes, or go beyond what a wave file teaches. One mp3 file that I downloaded was so far off the path of expectable French that I cost me some good marks in the last mid-term. I found out after I played the mp3 file to the instructor that it was someone’s practice recording, and a bad one at that! Great eh?

I have the basics. Comment vas-tu: how are you. Ça va trés bien, et toi: I’m very well, and you? Assez bien: Okay. My problem is putting it all together. Babel Fish and textbooks don’t help me when I need to conger up everything from memory and try to create sentences that make scene–on the fly. My favourite one was this: Je suis un Canadian. Je ne suis pas français! which is: I am a Canadian. I am not French! Apparently this one is loaded with mistakes? So, I keep tying.

One day I will master it. One day soon, I will be able to communicate with someone from France or Quebec. One day I will pick up a French news paper and be able to read it with out any troubles. That is my goal! Dammit–come hell or high water (as they say here along the flood-plain) I will master the language!

As they say in French: Au revoir!

One Thought on “Learning the Second Language

  1. Hmm how about “Bonne chance”?

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