Dreaming About the Hot Days

It seems that having a “time out” from the heat of summer is a good thing, after seeing all the wild-fires down in California. A friend of mind is currently down in Texas, visiting family, and she says that it is “very” hot down there. When I read Diane’s weblog, it reminds me of those old western movies from the 70’s where everything is so hot and dead, and survival is a constant battle, and the horse is ready to fall over from lack of water as the Cowboy drinks his last swallow of water…. Up here in British Columbia, the weather is, well, well on its way to becoming winter. We’ve already had our first frost: I scraped ice off from my wind shield three days ago! My furnace is running non-stop, and the Canadian Geese are packing up and flying to Mexico for the winter–lucky bastards…, “I wonder if they have border hassles and pass-port screw-ups?” Oh, wait, they get shot at! I forgot about that….

Looks like a hot place to live all year round?

Anyway, I see this as all part of the big climate change issue. In my short little life time, even I have noticed the changes. But I also wonder how much of that is “old schoolism,” you know, things were always tougher, harder etc., as we tell the kids today what is was like not living with an i-pod or ATM card! So for that, climate change, we can only look at it through scientific means to understand what is happening over the last millennium. And the Earth is not 6000 year old either. I think Diane’s postcard sums it up: our thirst for cheap energy.

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