Another Friend Moving Away

Today is a happy day, yet the loss of a friend moving to a better life, to his new career, a beautiful wife, the new adventure, makes it also a sad day for me. In my cynical mind, all I can think of are the fifty or so reasons why he is moving, rather than just him moving for the love of it. He graduated last summer from university, and now touts a B.A. in Science and Geology. He is now an expert on searching for minerals and other stuff below the Earth’s surface. When he started last semester, he had gathered over twenty letters of enticement and offerings from various corporations around the world plus the Canadian government was interested in offering something too. For my friend (whose name withheld as per request) knew he was in demand, especially in the oil patch out in Alberta, but he had bigger dreams. At 30, he is exactly what a lot of businesses are looking for in the exploration/development end, and in my friend’s field there a lot of openings as demand for Oil, Gold and other metals booms into the latest rush around the world. “They just needed someone to find it so they can dig it up,” my friend would say.

So, why is my friend moving away so far from his home, friends and country? Well, it all started with him going on a vacation trip five years ago, down to Australia where he spent three weeks at a resort, being pampered upon hand and foot. It was there that he met a wonderful young woman who took his heart away. She is from Germany, and she is a frequent visitor to the Land-Down-Under, because she hates the cold of the European long winters. When they first set eyes one each other, it was love at first sight, and for five years after that he spent a fortune traveling to Germany just to be with her. They wanted to live together in Canada, (remember, long winters here too…) but our government’s red tape was too much of a headache. He tried for three years to get her set up to move over, but the Canadian immigration rules makes it so difficult that they finely agreed that he would need to move instead. I guess Canada would rather its men married Canadian women or something–it’s messed up if you ask me!

They are off to Brazil! Yup! They are both moving from their homeland to Brazil. Weird how the Brazilian government opened its arms up to two foreigners who have no connection to their culture or land, and yet he’ll be making as much, if not more money than if had stayed in Canada. For his wife-to-be, she has already made plans on how to spend it–she told me that herself–no joke. They will have their citizenship in two years, he said, then possibly they may move back to Germany because she has a large family there and they’ll have a house waiting for them to move into. What a deal!

So, a toast to my friend to his new career and to his lovely wife. And don’t you dare call me up at 3:00am asking me to post bail because of your bachelor party has gotten out of hand and the police are called in. You know I’ll leave you there….. he he he he. Remember “Squeaky,” I’ll tell everyone!

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