One More Sleep! Then Spookyville!

Time is just flying by as we only have one more sleep until Halloween. I “did” an oral French exam last night, surprisingly I passed it, but failed the previous written exam, oh well, I’m retaking the course anyway. I also worked, which the day involved counting inventory, and I thought it would never end! And my home is being over come by fruit flies! I have no idea where they are coming from. Some of my other neighbours are having the same problem, so they are coming from else where, but I’m try to figure out how they are getting inside the house? Vicious little things…. But that’s OKay because tomorrow is Halloween!

Yes, Halloween tomorrow. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to wear, or be. I have the day off, Ya-Hoo, and I have being invited to two parties around town. I may go to the College H-party because they will have door prizes and all that other cool stuff. Too bad that it is during the middle of the week because it closes around 11:00pm. I guess not everyone has the same shift as me…. *snicker*…

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