Frick’n Fruit Fly Fun

My place is getting over run with fruit flies! I don’t know where they are coming from? They are everywhere. I know they like fruit, but I have nothing decomposing in the fridge, or cupboards, and I heard that they need standing water in order to breed in, but I can’t find their water source near my place, something suitable that they could start their families in any ways? I’m stumped on this one. Where are these little pests coming from? Last week there was just a few, now there are thousands. This is not good.

I tried some fruit fly killer products, but nothing really seems to work on them–their numbers are to great. What seems to be catching them is sticky-tape, so I bought eight roles and hung them in strategic locations around the house. In the last twenty four hours, their population seems to be declining, but it could also be their short life span–they could be going through a die-off period any day now? Anyway, I want to be rid of these little bugs because they are driving me up the wall. They don’t bite, but they are getting into everything. One just landed in my coffee! Another is flying in little circles over top of the desk lamp. A carcass lay on my desk, its wings sprawled out like a bad coke addict from the West End (Vancouver), and its little legs lurched over to one side. The sticky tape now has about thirty that I can count–thats in the last twenty four hours of hanging it!

I checked the Internet for advice but that doesn’t seem to help me. One site told me that once you’ve got them, you got them, they are like free-loader friends who stay when you want them to leave! Most of all the websites all seem to deal with prevention rather than mass extermination. Anyway, they have a fifteen day life cycle, so I guess I’ll wait until they are dead, then seal my all my windows before the next wave comes and forces themselves inside–they can stay out side!

4 Thoughts on “Frick’n Fruit Fly Fun

  1. Ooo sticky tape!
    I haven’t thought about that in ages

  2. Yes, they still make it, and it’s environmentally friendly too! Just don’t get your hair caught in it….

  3. Cylia (friend of Diane's) on Saturday, November 10th, 2007 at 6:52 pm said:

    To make a fruit fly trap, get a small jar, place wine at the bottom, make a funnel by rolling a piece of paper, place in jar, seal outer edges with tape. The flies will fly into the trap through the centre and not be able to get out.

  4. Thanks for the idea, I’m going to try it. I just wonder does it need to be wine, or would sugar water work too?

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