Fruit Fly Fatigue & French

I took some time off today to get things done around the house, stuff that I have being postponing for the last ten weeks since this semester started, so it was a relief to get some of them done on the 1 plus kilometre long list, but groaning about the rest of my chores that have being done only with a cursory amount of attention. So, getting back to the fruit flies, I think I may have found the source of their breeding grounds inside my home? I knew that I had condensation developing on my windows in the living room area because I turned the head way down to conserve energy because I waned to cut back on the amount on my heating bill. The experts have said that fruit flies need standing water in order to reproduce, so it would make sense to me that since the cool weather came, this is when the condensation started, and it almost coincides with the infestation. So I bought large sheets of sponges and cut them up into strips that sit nicely at the bottom of each window sill. My idea is to let the sponge suck up the water that trickles down to the bottom of the sill then the sponge will soak it up preventing the fruit flies from freely laying their eggs in it. Their eggs need to be submerged into the water for them to hatch, so the sponges would block the fruit flies from having any standing water to stick their eggs into. I think it is a cleaver way of stopping them…. My discovery of seeing water sitting at the bottom of each window sill was a shock, but at least this solves the fruit fly population explosion inside my home–I hope!

I just wrote the mega-midterm in my French class On Monday, and the other, my Criminology class, I did last night, so I’m tired right now. I really tried to sleep in, but I couldn’t. I did notice that French is getting a little easer, although I am far from a passing grade, but I did notice that I’m getting more and more familiar with it. In other words, I’m not as scared with speaking French as I was before–part of that inferiority complex thing I have with it. It is weird how certain words just jump out at me, like: avec, (with). Bientôt je parlerai en français sans l’ennui du tout. Je souhaite que je pourrais avoir ceci lointain en deux semaines au lieu de dix semaines ?

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