Just Going With the Flow, I Guess?

I went to work, went through the whole day doing my regular day’s stuff, then came home, sat down, and I thought about it–it had being a really weird couple of weeks. With classes going full speed, and my little fruit-fly problem, I almost forget that the “splatter from the fan” effect had even gone on, and I almost aimlessly cruised through the whole day without giving it much thought as the house of cards came tumbling down. I knew in the back of my mind what was up? I knew from talking with others from work, and close friends that the jig was up, and hell was coming. You see, I am seeing a problem with our economy, the world around me, that all is not well. My work is hitting a turning point. We are, or them, are cutting back in terms of labour and sales/production. It is not our fault, my employer, because as far as we are concerned the economy is perfect? No, it is the fault of our parent company whose lost so much in supplies and resources that we are being choked with not enough stock to keep pace with the demand in our region. Our parent company is suffering from lack of skilled labour. We are being hit with too much skilled labour. The imbalance has now hit the point where work is grinding to halt as we sit in disbelieve at the downturn within our company–it is weird! I believe that my job is fine, or more secured than the next guys, but still I ask, “what the heck is going on?” Today, two people were let go because of this. One of the employees “let go” was insubordinate; however, under the latest circumstances he would of being given a lot of leeway due to the labour shortage, but now that the “turn-a-round” is upon us, he was given “the boot” with a two week notice of termination of employment instead. The other employee, well, after less than two days on the job, she never showed. Then she phoned today explaining that she had some personal hardship, but because she failed to call in after three days of being AWOL, so too was “the boot” was given to her! Normally the two employees would have never lost their employment if it had not being for this freakish “down turn.” It is just weird…. With a dollar at $1.07 US, and help wanted signs all over the place, are we, my employer, hitting the “down-turn” earlier than everyone else? Well, I guess I will see soon what is going on…. Séjour hors d’ennui.

[Added] Today, November 10, 2007, I was only working at half capacity compared to the last three weeks.  Funny thing though, I could find lots of things to do, but as far as the bulk of my job goes I saw only half the people that I would normally see on the Saturday. One of the other employees told me that up in the “Ivory Tower” there is so much in-fighting and office politics going on that that is the last place you would want to avoid at all costs. I personally think that change is the hardest thing to do in the work place. People really seem to resist change when it is needed; it is probably because people fear that their position will lower in merit, and they will need to increase their output, at a lower rate of pay, when change is implemented?

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