Thinking, Listening to the Wind Out Side

Right now I am listening to the wind out side, and I am thinking about a lot things today, but the wind is kicking up the leaves as they stick to my window. Today is Remembrance Day, a day to reflect on wars past and present, and the solders who gave their life for our freedom, and it is about the fallen and the living from these wars. I think about that a lot now days, the wars, the solders, and the people. Today, while I was at work typing and clicking on my keyboard and mouse, I stopped at 11:00am and closed my eyes for two minutes because It was the least I could do–to remember. Sure, it sounds corny, I, all alone, to stop working for two minutes, but I felt it was the right thing to do. In all my former jobs employers would have punished anyone who dared stopped working, even if it was to remember, but they were hypocrites because it if were not for those who made our land free, they would not have their business and the economy that makes them their money! Oh how does the capitalist forget who got them here in the first place…. But I was alone, so no harm. I am sure there are employers out there who do care, and would honour the those today?

It is windy out! The wind is really picking up. I better hurry and save this before the power goes out.

So far, so good: the electric is holding. So I did some homework today; getting ready for the finals in three weeks. Another semester almost gone, and a little closer to the end of the last course. It is a nice feeling to be almost done, finished, completed. I read some old papers from when I first went to college way back when, …and wow, I have come along ways since then. I think I have surpast even my wildest expectations because I had no idea ten years ago that I would here be today doing what I am doing right now. My papers then, well, sucked. I cringe when I read them. They make me think about how naive and ignorant I was, and how I first embarked on answering the question, “why.” I remember going into the classroom for the first time, since high school, thinking, “what the heck am I doing here…” It was scary, but I stuck it out–and I am sure glad I did. *smirk* I still haven’t found an answer to the question, “why,” if you were wondering? But I am thinking about it. But I remember!

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