A Little Blow-Dry Weather…..

Whoa, was that a storm or what? The power was out all day at work, yet it flickered on and off at home, and the roads are littered with branches and garbage as the storm moves Eastwards. It was a howler last night and this morning. I am glad to see that for most my neighbours were good, they had being busy in the last few months repairing for the storm season, as most of them seemed to have dealt with this wind with only a few minor problems. Other than lots of branches and leaves all over the place, the property damage is to a minimum, which is really great news.

In Langley City though, things were not so good as I saw the roof half torn off of a industrial building, while the parking lot at one big-box store had over thirty of their shopping carts blown across the road and now laying in a field. Oh, and power is out in a lot of place still according to the CBC radio news cast , it said that over 200,000 home in South West British Columbia are without electricity as of noon.

I spent the day working in the dark, no computers, power tools, lights, but I was needed to work because we are warehouse for parts and supplies for our out-of-town techs and installers. But even with such crummy weather, and no power, I only had two visitors the whole day; I think it cost the company more money to have me there than it did in sales and operational costs? Anyway, it is sure great to be home–and with power!

The National Weather Office says that we may see another wind storm as early as Wednesday! That’s less than 72 hours away–what are they doing to us!

Well, I guess I better start cleaning the yard because I have branches everywhere, even on my roof. It’s just weird because the Sun is out and the sky is blue, just like it never happened.

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