Another Big Blow: Storm 2

Great, just when we are all resting and relaxing from last weekends little blow, the storm that cut power and blocked the main road going into Fort Langley, another one is ready for today. It is currently very cool, and my little thermometer is saying that it is 5C and there is no wind, but very overcast–almost dark out. These were the condition from the last big blow of four days ago, so, is this going to be a repeat event? Have a look at the latest satellite image I download from the Canadian Weather Services website:

GOES WEST IMAGE/ Canada Weather Service.

There it is, travelling East, right us. When I took Meteorology in ground school, back in the days when I was taking my pilot’s licence, I remember the lesson on what happens when you combine very warm air from the Pacific Ocean, and mix it with very cool air from the Arctic: you get a very bad mass of unstable air. They call these storm patterns, “The Pineapple Express” because they literally pass over places like Hawaii and then straight up over to West Coast, thus giving us really nice mild temperatures in it’s wake. But because of the unstable air, wind is the by-product of it, and we are talking lots of it!

Langley Times News Paper The photo [Langley Times News Paper] of the tree that fell over top of the power lines and road, last Sunday, and this road is the main road going into Fort Langley. Glover Road is only one of four ways to get into and out of the village, but Glover Road is the main road that connects us directly to the main highway, so it is one of the most heavily used roads in town. Today, the main trunk of the tree still lays across that set of power lines, while the rest of the tree is cut into pieces along the side of road. This is only one of hundreds of trees that fell during the storm. When I drove passed it yesterday, I stopped to look at how big the tree is, and I measure it at 69cm in diameter.

I guess I need to get the rake and wheelbarrow ready for tomorrow’s clean up….

[Added] Just for the record, I feel ripped-off because nothing happened when the storm went over us. Sure, that’s a good thing, but I was prepared for it, even bought extra candles too! It just rained a little, heavy for about a half an hour, but that’s it, no killer wind or rain, just normal November weather.

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