What? Not Again…, no Money?

He he…. My need for completion, fulfilment and proper service have not been met today. This morning I went to take my pay cheque to get it cashed from the Bank in which it was drawn from, a simple procedure, one that I have done thirteen times already, but the transaction could not be completed because of the Banks computer/network system had failed. Funny thing was, no one could get any of their cash from the Bank whatsoever, so I felt not completely insulted by the Bank’s service, only uncomfortable that the Bank could not meets its basic requirements of service. So back to the car I went, a piece of paper that was loosing its value by the second in terms of my personal net worth attached to it, and then sat down to make a phone call on the cell.

My window was down about an inch as I was talking, I could see the security guard standing by the door, and people walking back to their vehicles, each with a look of sadness, but the lady whose car was parked beside me said, something that really tested my tolerance towards Corporate greed and lousy Banking here in Canada. The lady had what is called direct deposit from her employer’s Bank account into hers’, supposedly an convenience, but also another service charge. What she didn’t plan on was not baing able to make a payment. She decided instead, to take cash from her Bank, out of her account and pay the debt at the company’s office rather than doing the direct deposit because it was crucial for her to get that money before the end of today–she even took time off from work to do this. The Bank convince to her to follow through with the direct payment plan to pay the bill instead, and she would not get charged extra for that–wrong. When she open her receipt slip showing the transaction, they charged her $5.85 thus leaving her over-drawn by $4.00. I never said anything. I just thought to myself that I can get cash from a Bank note way cheaper than that! Remember that the network was down, and that they did not want to dispense any cash until the system was back up.

Now, as I was sitting in my vehicle, not less than 5 minutes, the security guard came over to me ask if I would leave the parking lot. Funny thing was, the parking lot was only half full, so I asked if I could make another call on my cell. He replied, “you have being asked to leave the Bank’s property unless you have business to do here…” Wow, I’m really hurt that statement, but what can you do, crappy service comes with a bad attitude. All as I can say is, I will add this experience to my long list of reasons why I would not deal willingly with a Bank in this country. I will, like always, wait in the line-ups, say nothing, just pray that the Bank doesn’t close it’s doors because it failed to keep cash inside it’s vaults…. my money!

[ADDED] 12:45pm I finally got back to the Bank after phoning them repeatedly, seeing if their Network was back up and running, so I’m fairly happy right now–it’s all done. When I got to the Bank, the line up was 54 people deep because today it is also a heavy day for workers, or hourly people, who get their pay cheques on the 1st and 15th of each month. And even when I got to the teller, the Network system was still up and down, making her day just Hellish. I’m not going to type about what we talked about because it was more about how I’m a cheap-scape for not giving all my money to them–but then like they say, “so sad, so bad–sucks to be you…”

I got my money. I paid my tuition and car insurance, so I’m a happy camper now that that’s done. The sad part for me is that I may end up staying up later to get all my work done because of all the interruptions and pitfalls. Anyway, my little break is over, so back to the grind.

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