Tom’s Crime Report for Fort Langley

Yes, I decided to get off my butt and tally up all my data that I have being collecting for the last couple of years of crime in Fort Langley. These are my own data sets, partly collected from the RCMP’s UCRs (Uniform Crime Reports) and data collect from Courts Services British Columbia along with the Community Policing and Crime Stoppers. I only collected data for my area, excluding Langley Township and Langley City because they are somewhat separate from our little hamlet.

How accurate is this? Not very because I know that there is a huge dark figure, meaning: crime that goes unreported. It is estimated to be at 58 percent for the dark figure in Western Canada.

So here is what some Criminologist do for fun while they hibernate during the winter months…. I divided up everything into two categories: Property Crimes, and Assaults. This graph only shows property crime that has being called in by police, and some form of insurance was claimed against it. Assaults covers all assaults that police have issued either in summery convictions or indictable offences.

Here is the data sets I used. For Property Crime listed here, I have to make references between the amount of incidences and the number of claims made my insurance companies because in some cases the claim was reported a number of time. So for each month the whole number represents the total number of property crimes done during that period, just skip the decimal due to the calculations.

Crime Property Assault
January 25.5 2
February 33.2 0
March 33.2 0
April 33.1 0
May 17.4 3
June 11.1 0
July 10.5 0
August 9.2 0
September 8.01 1
October 5.2 0
November 11.5 0
December 25.1 1

For assaults, the easiest of all data to collect, these represent the actual numbers of assaults that went reported to the police for my specific area. Again, like property crime, there is a dark figure, but a lot lower than the one associated with property crimes, but it is there. Also, because of Fort Langley’s size, and proximity to larger urban areas, there is crime spillage from these areas that greatly affect crime here.

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