Don’t Read This, I’m Just Venting

Three weeks to go until the finals start and already the homework is piling up like crazy: 15 page paper here, interview and presentation there, and, of course, three killer exams, all within three days of each other. I sometimes sit back and wonder why I’m putting myself through all this punishment? I’ve already pissed off several friends who are phoning me, leaving message to meet them, or they want me to phone them back because they want to get together, but I just don’t have the time–sorry people! Then there is work on top of that. Yes, good old work. It is sick to know that going to work, spending the day there actually relaxes me: like, that’s F*******-up eh! Today I found myself dreading going home because of this huge essay that is sitting in front of me with the class syllabus folded open with the lines highlighted: “you have one week to complete this assignment, any thing handed in later than the beginning of class will result in a fail.” It’s like–holy crap Batman–this is unbelievable. But then it is University, and everyone who goes to University is supposed to be “Super Human” and develop these “above average strengths,” like give me a break…. Oh, and then there is “Admissions,” yes, the department that takes your money. Up until this semester, the rule for tuition has being, you can pay for your registration then waiting up to one month before the tuition is due–OK, I budgeted for that. Now, because of them having to manually enter each student in, something about the computers being tampered with in the past, they moved this deadline back so that you have three weeks to pay it–and it must be paid on Wednesday now! I get paid on Friday!

I think I’m going to bed very early today. I’m crashing early not because I’m tired, but because I am very frustrated right now. I can’t deal with this mountain of homework, and Admissions, and then entertain my work all at the same time. I know later on this week I will laugh it off and think of this as a waste of text on the blog, but damn it, it is moments like this that all this becomes a turning point in one’s life. Maybe I need to change my schedule around a bit, break up the same routine or something? Gggggrrrrrrrrrrr.

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