Brain Fart Incursion: 0.04 pass the (Alpha)

It’s the weirdest thing, you know, all of a sudden this shower of inspiration hits me and a wave of energy starts, and I type like a geek on speed, whipping off almost 80 percent of my major assignment due in less than twenty four hours, cranking it out in about 5 hours. I don’t know if it was the 5 letres of coffee, or the stereo cranked to eleven, but whatever it was it worked. Now I just need to add a few more points then start the second draft: the real nitty-gritty of the process. I feel good right now because I can see the light at the end of tunnel. But the weird moment came last night when, at 2:00am, just five hours until I started work, Terry Jacks’ one hit wonder played on the radio, “Seasons in the Sun.” I actually started to think about death? Yeah! It was one of moments when you just think what it would be like, hopefully far into the future, when everything you do now, today, is sealed in a box, and when you are long gone, and then someone reads the essay? The song, “Seasons in the Sun,” is a weird song, one of those tunes that is catchy, I find myself humming it, but it is stupid because it’s about dying. I mean who wants to sing about dying? But it really had an effect on me. Now I can’t get the stupid song out of head either!

Goodbye to you, my trusted friend. We’ve known each other since we’re nine or ten. Together we climbed hills or trees. Learned of love and ABC’s, skinned our hearts and skinned our knees. Goodbye my friend, it’s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky, Now that the spring is in the air. Pretty girls are everywhere. When you see them I’ll be there. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.

So anyway, that was yesterday, and today, suffering from sleep deprivation, I’m still working on that damn paper. I wish I could tap into that energy of inspiration instead of dealing with this brain fart. I’m getting heart-burn from all the coffee I’ve drank, and my eyes are focusing in and out at random. I’m going to try something different, like type this post out, hoping that the change will help out and get me back on track. Two more weeks until I can rest. Damn song–must get it out of my mind….

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