Sure is Bright Out…Snow?

I was one of the dumb people who went to work today, driving my little pick up through the snow, not thinking that a weather warning of killer proportions was over top, ready to dump its load all over us. Yes, I spent the entire day unaware that outside the cute little fluffy snow flakes were waging their silent war upon us, one flake at a time. In their silence they mounted in sheer volume and weight upon every surface possible outside as their mass quickly reached the 10cm mark. When my time ended and I prepared to disembark homeward, the horror hit me when I pushed the door open with so much resistance, that I thought someone was on the other side pushing me back in. It was snow that had piled up in front of the door outside–and lots of it!

Just made it home with getting stuck

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this one should speak out loudly. Over ninety percent of what you see in the above photos is from just the last few hours. Since I took this photo, around 1:00pm, more than 4 cm had fallen on top of this. I had whiteness on the roads going home several minor accents, and the aftermath of a sever one where a little blue car flipped off the road due to loosing control, and then landing on its top. The radio said that most roads in the area are posting closures.

The weather office says that we are also getting up to 100mm of rain followed by very warm temperatures, the Pineapple-Express as they call it. So, a storm that will start off with 14cm of snow, and then 100mm of rain, then ending off with a wind-storm, saying that we should see gusts of up to 70Km/h, or a possible 80Km/h.

I think this is a good day to stay inside and drink some eggnog! What do you think?

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