Nature Givith: We Shovel it!

Well, wasn’t that a sweet storm or what? Almost as fast as the dump of snow hit, the following storm melted it all away. Can’t argue with that! After almost twenty-four hours since the onslaught of crapyness, the weather system changed everything from ice and snow to rain and slush, making the roads rivers and lakes instead of the sheets of ice that they once were. I’m just so happy that the last storm system has just passed, even though the weather office says that the warnings are still in effect. It really sucks when faced with poor road conditions and people driving their cars with summer tires on! Ya, go figure–people driving around with summer tires on–still?

The last week of classes are here–week fourteen! Yes, just a couple more days until finals, then a nice long break until it starts all over again. I am so burnt-out from this last week. I never crammed so much in such a short period of time ever before. These schedules they have set-up for classes really need to be reworked, I mean, I have had so many class conflicts on my time-table that is it not funny any more. This semester I have one lab-time slot that runs at the same time as one of my classes, so I had to do some fancy negotiation with both profs to formulate a compromise so that I would not get penalizes for bad attendance. It appears that next semester I am going to run into that same problem again with one of my upcoming classes and a science-lab class. I thought someone sat down and figured out a strategy for avoiding class overruns on the master timetable? Oh well, life would be boring without headaches along the way–right!

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