Continued… The Last Final

The saga continues. Last night I finished my last in-class final exam and when home. I went home and hit the bed, fell asleep, and I just woke up. The first feeling I noticed was when I got up was how sore my neck and back are. I guess all of those hours sitting in a desk really takes its toll on a guy. Then just after I got out of bed and dressed I looked in the mirror and I notice that my eyes are still blood-shot and the bags under my eyes look like an extra set of cheekbones. I started the day off with some coffee. Making the coffee was a bit of an interesting event because I poured sugar in the filter basket instead of coffee grounds. After I got that cleaned up I sat down to sip on a hot cup of coffee, I noticed that it tasted bitter, I somehow put salt into my coffee instead of sugar. I realized that I should put off anything I was going to do because I could do something silly that could put me on Utube or something….

I’m feeling better now that I had sometime to wakeup, stretch and relax. Last night seems like a blur, and I still see texts of question after question flowing from top to bottom. But then just before I started this paragraph I received an email from the college saying that my French class was cancelled and I need to fine another class. French classes have given me so much trouble. It is bad enough failing the last class, then dropping it, but now scrambling to find another class to fill the void for the next semester…. I need the French Language course as part of my major.

Me, the way I see myself today....

Like they say in French: C’est la vie.  Si vous travaillez assez dur, obtiendrez vous ce que vous voulez.

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