A Little “U”, A big Chip, No Class.

First, I am a self proclaimed user of Linux. I love the Linux concept and the ideas that it is founded upon and the direction that its development has gone through over the years. But to actually see it competing with other operating systems (OS) is a spectacular level of accomplishment over all. Many who have scoffed at the UNIX Universe have made claims that they, them, we, have thrown mud in the face of commerces, or that patent laws have being violated because the two systems look so much a like and act similar. Well there is a difference between the many universes that each operating system is found upon, which is mainly cost and patent protection. Everything, or nearly everything in the LINUX universe is developed under free distribution rules. Sure Linux will run commercial-retail products, and yes, it is true, the dirty little secret that a growing number of programs that are OS specific can run happily in this universe are true, but that some of the software in Linux, under this freely use/user distribution banner works better and out performs their “sold-off-the-shelf” counterparts! I call the Linux universe the people’s Operating System because it is freely available to anyone who has the Internet, unlike other OSs, (which should be), are business orientated and directed to that market. So I proudly display the Ubuntu Logo here on my Blog!

Linux Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night while driving home from work a large rock bounced off from the tires of a tractor-trailer that was ahead of me. I saw the rock flying towards me as it skipped four times off the road before landing smack dab on my wind shield. It hit almost right where I look out of. If it had not being for that piece of glass between me and the outside, I think that would have killed me! The chip that it took out is about the side of the Loonie (a Canadian Dollar Coin, 2.5 cm/OD). I am not a happy camper about that because if the glass shop can’t fix the chip because it is unrepairable, then I need to replace the whole piece of glass, and then I’m screwed because money is tight and I need that vehicle. But the chip is at eye level, so I need to do something! The last time I replaced that wind shield it cost me about $400.00! But there is the insurance part–will they cover the cost of it because it was a road hazard? I will find out on Monday?

It looks like I should have jumped a little sooner on getting a replacement for my French Class? All available classes are now booked! Last Thursday I was phoned by the College that the French class I singed up for had been cancel and that I should look for another one. Sure enough when I got home to search for another class, there were no longer any French classes available. So I am back to square one. I am searching through my other college’s web site, out in the Fraser Valley, to see if they have any French classes available on their campus, but so far nothing from those guys! I can’t believe that I’m going to have to wait another semester for this class to come about! This sucks!

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