Ubuntu, The Guy Who Started It!

So, to finely see and hear the story of a guy named Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, and to know why he contributed to the Open Source philosophy–check out the YouTube Video. I was struck to know that he was not only doing this to go head to head with Microsoft and give the world an alternative OS, but he truly cares about the world, of those who can’t afford the American product because they don’t have money to buy it. He has given the people (the world) a choice to have something for nothing, and to have it without breaking the law or some patent rule. It is one thing to share the Intranet, but another to give away the tools so that all can use it instead of those lucky enough to be born into privilege! Have a view will you….


He is a millionaire from the Dot-Com era, who then gave half of his money away to charity, and now he is help fuelling the Linux revolution. Boy, this sounds like another guy I once read about, a guy who was American and wanted every computer in the world to run his product–for a small fee. Hummmm?

And just to let you know how easy it is to install Ubuntu, watch this Librarian work her magic down in Washington, Vermont. She makes it look so easy! Some good old East Coast computer installing!


I think Linux is kicking some axx here in the computing world. I’ve seen it run on Macs, and of course on PCs. I have personally installed it on Dells, AMDs, PADs and even an old 286, for those of you who can remember those old machines! My point is, I’m am able to do almost everything that M$Window$ can do ,but what LINUX can’t do, it has made up for in alternatives–free alternatives with no guilt or regrets.

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