Yikes–A Close Call With the Flu-Bug!

It’s being a couple of tiring days, hoping desperately that I was not coming down with the 2007-I’m-going-to-screw-your-life-H44-Flu virus, but I have being unable to work at 100 percent because of this. I think it is passing–I hope? Anyway, lots to talk about today!

The chip on my wind-shield is too far gone. This means that I must replace the whole window on my truck. I took it in this morning and had an expert look at, and the first thing he said was, “Woooooooooow-Wooow-wow-wow—that’s a nasty one, ya, sorry buddy, that penetrated right below the surface. See here,” as he rubs it with I finger, “that’s right through, and it’s created a bubble underneath. Ya, sorry, you’re looking at a whole new wind-shield–replacement bud!” Then he inspected it some more and said, “I would just let it go for the time-being and see if it cracks out further…” And that was it. Off I went.

Then an amusing argument between a SUV owner and a teeny-weeny compact car in a parking lot in front of the Bank. At first I was a little confused because this guy was directing traffic, yelling out. I couldn’t see who he yelling at, but it made me stop and look. As I took a moment to scan the area from where he was yelling from, I notice his big monster truck, half into a parking spot along the curb. Now, he had a full-full-double wheeled sized truck, super-cab and extended cargo box. It was one of these 30-plus feet long pick-up trucks. Beside him was this little car, fully in its parking stall, but ony a few centimetres beside the truck. The drivers’ side of the small car was up against the truck. Then I saw that there was someone inside the car who could not get out, and was asking the truck to find another parking spot. I guess this insulted the SUV owner. Then I could see that this was mother with her children inside the car, and she was clearly upset–she wanted out too. The SUV owner yelled out at her, “You have the whole damn parking-lot, just open your eyes and you can get out… Do I have to give you directions too…” he went on. She kept pleading with to move his truck so she could get out, but he was not going to have any of it, so she backed out and parked at the other end of the parking lot. Part of me wanted her to stand her ground….

Now, this is the funny part, he had to park somewhere else anyway because he was just too long for that spot. Then he shook his head in discuss at the lady as he got out and walked into the Bank. I thought to myself, “Why the H-E-double-Hockey-sticks are you driving a Super-Sized SUV into a parking lot that is designed for small cars anyway? Are you trying to prove to the community that because you had to put yourself into debt $60.000.00, everyone owes you…” Where is a Cop when you need one….

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine came over for a visit. She brought her daughter along because she wanted me to build her/them a fairly cheep computer for them both to use, and I think her daughter, Tina, likes coming to Fort Langley more than anything. As I was setting everything up, teaching them the basics of running the Linux platform, Ubuntu, I gave Tina my lap-top and writing tablet to draw with while we worked. This is what Tina drew on her first try. I promised her that I would post it here on my web site.

So here it is, the photo is titled: “MosterFlower” (her title) created by Tina, 7. This was the first of 14 drawings in the collection. I felt this was the best because the rest were too cluttered. She picked up on the general idea of how to use the brushes and change the various elements of the program very quickly. She was Using the GIMP to create this Master-Piece with!

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