Meeting the Neighbourhood

I just came back from a wonderful get-together of friends and neighbours, at the unofficial annual seasonal party put on by a very social active person named “Kay.” She loves to meet people, and enjoys hosting these events. Her goal is to get everyone in the neighbourhood to meet one another, and for everyone to get to know whose all in the micro community we live in. There was a great turnout this year of people and friends, so I think it was a success.

The value of community is such a great thing because once everyone meets each other and develops a relationship, wonderful things start to happen as people forge community bonds. For example, crime could be lowered because now you know whose who in the local community and you look out for everyone because you have bases from which to draw upon, e.g., who drives what car, and whose a stranger or not. Another reason is the forming of community based solidarity, getting everyone together fosters good relationships when dealing with social issues like garbage on the streets, noise violations, or any other potential problems that are an issue. Once people get in touch with others around them, then alliances can be formed and communication can start with a positive means.

Once the initial meeting of neighbours has formed, through the efforts of Kay, then the effects of having new friendships starts and then carries on long afterwords. You feel happier and more secure with friends rather than “just neighbours” around you. The next day you will have many more people to wave to as they drive by instead of wondering who they are.

My hat goes off to you Kay, for your community efforts and caring nature of gathering the community and tapping into the social spirit, making our little neighbourhood a happier place to live and grow! We are so fortunate to have a caring person like Kay around in our neighbourhood sharing the greatest gift of community that you could ever have. For myself, I had a wonderful time, meeting new people and making friends, and getting to know the familiar people again, reinforcing the bonds, chatting up on the latest events. That is community spirit.

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