Don’t Mind me, Adding Plugins….

I’m just experimenting with setting up Flash on the Blog here. This is taking more time than I thought?


If you are interested, I’ve just installed a Flash plugin on my Blog, called FlashVideoPlayer for Word Press. So far it has worked right out of the box, and seems to have lots of goodies as far as settings goes. But it needs that Thomasso Touch; it is not quite right…..

OK, another test for the FLASH Plugin, but this time I’m using streaming video. This video was from the Fraser River Flood of last June, 2007, the same video I uploaded to YouTube then. I think I can get the quality a bit better here on this Flash Player.


The above video is 21.4MB and about 5:11min in length. When I converted the mpeg to flash, It had developed a flicker on the bottom? Weird? So I decreased the side of the video, 340 x 280, and the problem went away. At least the quality of the video is good compared to streaming AVI.

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